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Unknown to Most, Santa Actually Lives in Montrose

By: Doug Overfield ∼MRC Board Member∼ Like Superman’s Clark Kent from Smallville, Santa spends most of the year hiding in plain sight in Montrose among the town’s residents; but every Christmas he transforms himself from anonymous resident into Santa Claus, donning a full white beard, dressed in the traditional red suit with white trim and… Continue reading Unknown to Most, Santa Actually Lives in Montrose

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Christmas – Montrose Style

  Christmas In Montrose…it’s that time of year again and this year promises many surprises! First, lets take a trip back in time. Do you remember Town Pride? How about Victorian Christmas, or Montrose Country Christmas? Taking me back, were Angela Mooney, Diane Quattrocchi, and Peggy Sheffler. They sat with me on a cold afternoon… Continue reading Christmas – Montrose Style