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“The Heyday of Tennis in the Montrose Area” By: John B. Eidenier ∼MRC Board Member∼ (Pictured above: left to light: Lt. King Smith, his partner, King Shafer, and Cecil Donaldson with partner Bill Tilden. The two "Kings" beat Cecil and Bill in 1913 at the indoor courts in New York City) There is  a story to… Continue reading HALCYON DAYS OF SUMMER

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10 Events to Attend as Summer Winds Down

By: Vickie Calby, Kimberly Davenport and John Eidenier ∼MRC Board Members∼ Be sure to "take a walk" through our map to see descriptions, pictures and exact event locations. AUGUST: Joycie's Thursday Night Live Out for a walk on a Thursday evening in Montrose, the sounds of music will draw you to Tannery Place. Drawing closer,… Continue reading 10 Events to Attend as Summer Winds Down