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“The Heyday of Tennis in the Montrose Area” By: John B. Eidenier ∼MRC Board Member∼ (Pictured above: left to light: Lt. King Smith, his partner, King Shafer, and Cecil Donaldson with partner Bill Tilden. The two "Kings" beat Cecil and Bill in 1913 at the indoor courts in New York City) There is  a story to… Continue reading HALCYON DAYS OF SUMMER

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Off To War: Insight from a Montrose Native

    By: Doug Overfield ∼MRC Board Member∼ The year was 1952. Young men lined the street in front of the Susquehanna County Courthouse--saying goodbye to moms, dads, wives, girlfriends, and children--as they prepared to board a bus to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Once there, they would catch a flight to infantry training in Fort Knox, Kentucky, aboard… Continue reading Off To War: Insight from a Montrose Native

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High School Graduation

A discussion of tradition, memory, and nostalgia... By: Hillori L. Schenker ∼MRC Board Member∼ The familiar strains of the march begin with woodwinds carrying the melody, while the baseline keeps tempo. As Pomp and Circumstance reaches its crescendo, the graduates appear. Proceeding solemnly into their assigned seats, their backs straight, each candidate’s tassel bobs in time to the… Continue reading High School Graduation