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Are you looking for a gravesite?

By: Hillori Schenker ∼MRC Board Member∼ Although I grew up in Western Pennsylvania, many traditions and values are identical from my hometown and Montrose. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day I often hear people, in both locations, remarking on the need to tend the graves of loved ones. Weeding, watering plantings, and ensuring that the ancestral headstones… Continue reading Are you looking for a gravesite?

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The Economics of Charm: Planning for the Future with History

Photo: Front of the Sylvanus Mulford House, located at 65 Church Street in Montrose, Pennsylvania, United States. Built in 1818, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Source: Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) By: Hillori Schenker ∼MRC Board Member∼ Ask any visitor to Montrose about the borough, and the response usually contains the words charming, historic, or quaint. Aside from… Continue reading The Economics of Charm: Planning for the Future with History

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High School Graduation

A discussion of tradition, memory, and nostalgia... By: Hillori L. Schenker ∼MRC Board Member∼ The familiar strains of the march begin with woodwinds carrying the melody, while the baseline keeps tempo. As Pomp and Circumstance reaches its crescendo, the graduates appear. Proceeding solemnly into their assigned seats, their backs straight, each candidate’s tassel bobs in time to the… Continue reading High School Graduation