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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

By: Vickie Calby∼MRC Board Member∼ “Everybody deserves food.” Pastor Doug Sivers said with feeling. The Montrose Mobile Food Pantry was established with that spirit in mind. Behind every great idea there is a moving force. In this case there were three: Mary Lee Fitzgerald, Judy Kelly, and Mary Ann DeWitt. Jo Ann Leonard explains that… Continue reading Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Special Edition Blog

Blueberry Memories: Back to the 80s

By: Vickie Calby ∼MRC Board Member∼ The year is 1980; things are different--very different. Sue Stone is not the administrator of the Susquehanna County Library, and there has never been a "Montrose Blueberry Festival,"  nor is the “story hour” space in the library bright and kid-friendly. Sue, in 1980, is in charge of preschool story hour. She… Continue reading Blueberry Memories: Back to the 80s

Special Edition Blog

A Tour of the New Montrose Library

By: Vickie Calby ∼MRC Board Member∼ Last evening a few of the Montrose Restoration Committee Board Members visited the new library. The pictures do not do this beautiful building justice. We encourage you to stop in to see for yourselves and make use of this wonderful new space. The first thing you see when you walk in… Continue reading A Tour of the New Montrose Library