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Montrose Theatre Marquee Set for Restoration

The Montrose Restoration Committee (MRC) is pleased to announce that renovations have begun on the marquee of the historic Montrose Theatre. The theater, a gift to the MRC from the Quigg family, has been a Montrose institution for decades, entertaining generations of Susquehanna County residents.

Thanks to the efforts of the Gere family, in October of 2017, actor Richard Gere highlighted a film festival showcasing his work, which drew hundreds, and raised the necessary funds to begin the complete restoration of the theater, starting with its famous marquee. This allowed MRC to hire Pocono Sign Company, a multi-generation local family business to oversee the delicate process of restoring and preserving the best elements of the marquee while updating its ability to withstand weather conditions. The result will take us back to its earliest designs, and herald the Art Deco era that made marquees a landmark in every town.

The MRC, a non-profit public service entity, is still seeking financial help to replace the poster cabinets and restore its lobby. Inquiries and donations can be directed to MRC through its website and Facebook page.

Aside from Mr. Gere and his family, the MRC wishes to thank all of our volunteers who made the Restoration Film Festival Celebrating the Artist: Richard Gere  possible, as well as all of the fundraising activities conducted by MRC throughout the year.

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