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A Tour of the New Montrose Library

Wooden Tree - library-ed-smallBy: Vickie Calby ∼MRC Board Member∼

Last evening a few of the Montrose Restoration Committee Board Members visited the new library. The pictures do not do this beautiful building justice. We encourage you to stop in to see for yourselves and make use of this wonderful new space.

The first thing you see when you walk in the door is the amazing handcrafted tree created by George Manns.  counter - left - library

Next comes the front desk. We were made speechless by its beauty. (We got over that quickly). Ben Manns is the creator of the desk; the counter is Pennsylvania Blue Stone…gorgeous. Both father and son have a gift beyond description! library hearth-ed

The fireplace is inviting even in 90 degree weather. Imagine what this will be like when the cold sets in and you are snuggled in one of the big arm chairs reading your book.

Teens, the next picture is your space. I was told that in the old library the teen space consisted of “three shelves.” Here you have a large airy area with plugs for your phones, space for your backpacks, and chairs that I am still smiling about!teen area - library - ed.jpg

blueberry quilt -edFinally, let’s not forget the upcoming Blueberry Festival that we all look forward to. The beautiful quilt pictured here will be raffled next month at the Festival.


2 thoughts on “A Tour of the New Montrose Library”

  1. amazing to read about this beautiful town shared with old families and new families moving to the area to find peace and friendships.


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